To the peace on earth : love light life

“The path is called “straight,” without fear” is the destination; the carriage is called “silent” and its wheels are right effort.” Buddha MOSES HEROIC

I was angry at the untimely death of Moses Molelekwa .. In searching for the root of my anger, I stumbled upon myself. Through an improvised course of self discovery, the spiritual worker, Ananda Masset removed the anger from my soul. D1000002
Anger is toxic. Anger is easily masked by generalisations. I read comments from people angry at different race groups, angry at historically oppressive regimes, angry at corruption and greed, angry at the music industry for no recognising their abilities, and angry at the way in which the world turns. Generalisations are masks for anger. Anger is exposed when it is made specific. That is the challenge.  For when it is exposed it can be resolved.

Resolution happens when the anger and dissent is directed within. Within there is change and healing.

To the Peace on Earth is a story of my mystical journey toward myself. Ananda who took my anger, my loss, my illness and confusion and made it is own, in order to expose it and heal it. It was his goal to do this for everybody. But his death by the bullet of a murderous nobody, was so untimely.

To the Peace on Earth is to rekindle that spirit of help for the benefit of one and all …


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