Towards the Peace on Earth digitally available

Buy this book

Buy this book

Thanks to some great spirits, living and late, Towards the Peace on Earth is being read:

Supply on demand through lulu 

E book on Amazon Kindle 

The text on the back of the book reads: The mysterious suicide of pianist Moses Molelekwa triggered a music journalist to investigate, only to find questions of the self. On a legendary musical farm in Cullinan and in the presence of a Buddha soul he revisits his own trauma of a near death experience to deal with post traumatic stress and anger, and heal.
Guided by a spiritual master, the incomparable Ananda Masset, and taken through a series of improvised courses of self discovery, the music journalist begins to heal and discover the music within himself.
Based on the true story of Ananda, a French spiritualist, who set out to South Africa to share his philosophy of love, light and life and his visions for a better world, only to be stopped by a bullet, To the Peace on Earth (a la paix sur terre) traces a transparent path to enter the great collective consciousness of all that IS and flow in the divine river of life.
To the Peace on Earth is a mystical allegory of a human journey to authenticity, reality and peace within.

“Truth is action, a lie is not.” Ananda


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