To the Peace on Earth

Following the trail of the mysterious suicide of 27 year old prodigy, jazz pianist Moses Molelekwa; the writer lands at the knee of self discovery. Ananda DNA, a French mystic, mescalito and healer provides a terrific scripture, enjoyable metaphysics and amusing spirituality on which a university of celebration is founded. Set on the Musical Energy Loud Truth (Melt
2000) record label farm and during the freedom era of South Africa’s miracle peaceful transformation, a whimsical and colourful group of creative characters come together to share in the metaphors, philosophies and permanent reminders of being human.


“A very readable story, the reader goes away amazed, with a revived spirit that co-creation in music can indeed find causes of illness, and bring joy, growth, and healing to the collective consciousness.” Carol Martin All Jazz Radio … full review here  :

Print Copies supplied on Demand : LULU 

Digital copies : Amazon Kindle 

Digital Epub : Kobo

Also available on apple books



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