For ANANDA 17.4.1951 – 28.06.2008.Ananda


Ananda’s thinking was that teachings, belief systems, rules and religion can blur one’s spiritual vision and arrest one’s innate ability to develop interconnectively and harmonically as natural fully functioning human beings.

Ananda decided he would make a film to help people find their innate and authentic selves. His film, he called, “The windscreen”. The ‘windscreen’ referred to the windscreen of a motor car. It was a metaphor for life. As a driver of that motor car, one depends on a translucent windscreen. However in modern society, every aspect of society … the teacher, the parent, the policeman, the lawyer, the saint, the sinner … etc … writes on the windscreen of one’s life, to a point where the driver can no longer see, and the crash and burn is inevitable.

The film ends with Ananda removing his costume and saying, “Come with me, follow me, I will show you how to clear the windscreen.”

To accept what the different layers of society label and paint upon our windscreen is a choice. Accepting and internalising the rules, regulations and social confines, the meaningless restrictions and limitations, blinds one to reality and inhibits human development, and the authentic knowing that is available to one and all. Developing ones’ own unique perspective is to live with a clear windscreen.

Ananda’s desire was to share his method of cleaning that metaphorical windscreen, yet, he was tragically murdered before he had reached the critical mass that could create the change that would bring the peace on earth.


The Windscreen, By Lianne & Ananda



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