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About struandouglas

Struan was born in Umhlanga Rocks Kwa Zulu Natal to Tessa and Robert Douglas in 1976. After graduating from UCT (University of Cape Town South Africa) with honours in religion and philosophy, Struan worked as a freelance journalist contributing to a variety of publications and radio stations as feature writer and columnist. He is also a self publisher, book editor and author. He returned to study music and music performance. And plays trumpet.

Towards the Peace on Earth

A young music journalist traces the mysterious suicide of twenty-seven year old prodigy South African jazz pianist Moses Molelekwa to Ananda DNA, a unique teacher and healer living on a musical farm. Around his whimsical attributes, a colourful group of characters and musicians gather to
experience life lived for the moment. Metaphors within metaphors provide a self-styled philosophy for healing of an acute illness. Life, death, near death, afterlife are all experienced through the sound and fury of being. giving birth to philosophies that charge the instincts of heart, mind
and soul with intuition. This is a story of soul searching to the sound of Africa.

“Truth is action, a lie is not.” Ananda