The mysterious suicide of pianist Moses Molelekwa triggered a music journalist to investigate, only to find questions of the self. On a legendary musical farm in Cullinan and in the presence of a Buddha soul he revisits his own trauma of a near death experience  to heal and to become whole.
Based on the true story of a Frenchman in South Africa: The incomparable Ananda Masset; disciple to Osho, body-guard to Hugging Amma and self-made ‘mescalito,’ the journey toward the peace on earth (a la paix sur terre) is a metaphor for  the journey to authenticity, reality and a  peace within.
In the light provided by the master, a path is traced to enter the great collective consciousness of all that IS … ‘the divine flow of life,’ a uniting philosophy of light, love and life, called GOD consciousness.
Towards the Peace on Earth is a mystical allegory of healing, rejuvenation, change, acceptance and forgiveness through initiation, discipline, celebration and self-discovery.

“It is you who define which ‘I’
you think of when you say ‘I.’
Truth is action, a lie is not.” Ananda