“Love is contagious, unlimited, and omnipresent. It is what changes bleakness of spirit into fullness of spirit, illness into health, and lack into prosperity.” AN

Ananda founded a mystery school, which he called ‘The University of Celebration.’ I was the one and only ever student at this university. And Ananda was the one and only ever master. He taught the vision of unity, togetherness, love and GOD consciousness and he propagated this vision urgently and enthusiastically with his intense energy and potent ideology. The teachings were beautiful and powerful.

To the Peace on Earth features the story of  Robert Trunz, partners in the music and healing farm of Melt2000 records.

“Melt2000 projects harnessed and promoted energy and a spirit of activism and thoughtfulness. It was never in an overt political social way, it was simply in the spirit of doing, creating and making magic. It became the documentation heritage of post-apartheid music. People were coming together and finding their truth beyond race. ” Excerpt

To the Peace on Earth draws on the inspiration and interviews provided by Madala Kunene, Mabi Thobejane, Taran Cissoko, Brendan Jury, Brenda Sisane, Aymeric Peguillan, Nicky B  and Neil Comfort.

“The events take place in South Africa, in a post-democracy climate of change. The struggles that had taken place below ground are suddenly above ground. South Africa at the time was so beautiful and enticing. It was a fruit salad of experience, united by the vote and dancing its freedom march. There were no more perceived barriers of race and culture clashes. It was as if the whole world was reaching a heightened awareness through the South African experience of peaceful change.” Excerpt