About the Author


What is a sunflower that does not look to the sun?


Strange how life flows in its own patterns, like a river – flowing, gushing, running dry, damming up, falling in waterfalls, getting blocked by rocks or even drought.

Yet, the river of life flows endlessly. The river of life is a flow of love. Love is the driving principle of life, the centre around which all actions may manifest.

Having experienced near death and having travelled to that place called the void I know that when Shakespeare writes, “There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in our philosophies,” it is a profound truth.

The primary experience from which I leverage the accounts of this book are from entering a place beyond space and time known in spiritual texts as “The Void.” My experience in the void was of unity. It was an experience of “isness,” beyond the petty politics of the windscreen.

Perhaps this was the common ground that attracted me to Ananda to share in  an empowering philosophy whereby life is a privilege. Life is for living and  one can achieve anything one puts ones heart mind and soul to. The full potential of one’s human being is the journey, the adventure and the exploration.

The river of one’s life has no pre-ordained destiny. It flows with the light and love of one’s actions and choices, and has the very strong potential of flowing into the wishing well of one’s dreams.  Anything is possible. Everything is possible.



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