University of Celebration








“Love is contagious, unlimited, and omnipresent. It is what changes bleakness of spirit into fullness of spirit, illness into health, and lack into prosperity.” AN

Ananda founded a mystery school, which he called ‘The University of Celebration.’ I was the one and only ever student at this university. And Ananda was the one and only ever master. He taught the vision of unity, togetherness, love and GOD consciousness and he propagated this vision urgently and enthusiastically with his intense energy and potent ideology. The teachings were beautiful and powerful.

The university of celebration was a free-form and free-flowing exchange of wisdom, knowledge, practice and experience. The primary requirements were to express oneself, be oneself, know oneself, love oneself and find oneself in the knowledge that one is a crucial component of the all, like the proverbial drop that makes up the ocean.

As much as The University of Celebration encouraged unity, it recognised uniqueness. And the celebration was the combination of the uniqueness of the one with the unity of the all. The meeting of unity and uniqueness happens in the present moment. The power of the present moment is the awareness, the trigger and the point of purpose, progress and potential realised. From the present moment come inner peace, stillness and emptiness and the realisation that life is exactly as it is; no illusion, no delusion, only beauty. And that is the celebration, not past, not future, but present.

Ananda had developed a terrific scripture, resplendent with an enjoyable metaphysics, powerful cosmology and hilarious spirituality. His work was full of pun and irony. Even with English as his second language, his dictations were powerful.



The Reality of GOD


The reality of GOD is the oneness non manifested.

The dynamism of His manifestation is the quest for Himself.

GOD non manifested becoming manifest is the tools of his longing to find Himself.

Himself being non manifested, He cannot go back.

The more he looks for Himself, the more he becomes manifest.

The process is eternity.

That is the dynamism of life.

Manifest and Not Manifest:

GOD being One


What is manifested is dualism

GOD is not dualism



The controversy of GOD is in the definition, such is the controversy of oneself? Yet, the definitions are meaningless. It is in the experience and the being where the meaning lies. As GOD does not seek to define human beings, so human beings needn’t require a definition of GOD. The requirement is more to know GOD. John Coltrane played it on his saxophone. He called it ‘a love supreme.’

As Ananda had already worked so deeply into his spirituality to empty the metaphorical glass of his mind, he had linked his intuitive voice directly into the collective consciousness of the universe. This one and all, sum total of all things, he would call GOD. I capitalise the letters because his notion of GOD was not an animated being, a god requiring belief, nor an all-powerful being, like a God requiring devotion, but his notion of GOD was as a presence, an ISness and an ALLness.  GOD being all, is one. And GOD being one, is within.

Ananda once said, “If you want proof of GOD, look at me. I am living proof that GOD exists.” As GOD lives through human beings, so human beings live through GOD. GOD is the ever expanding reality of the collective. And as the reality of the collective grows in consciousness, so too does that of GOD. This is the eternal. And within this eternal consciousness of GOD, so we belong in an eternal exchange called “GOD consciousness.”

Ananda provided the metaphor: “GOD is a vast body. Upon this body of GOD, human beings are like all the individual hairs that may reside upon a single limb. From the perspective of that hair, GOD may not be visible, yet from the perspective of the vast body itself, it can be seen that the human being is a part of the body of GOD.”

GOD consciousness is built on a foundation of love. The philosophy of GOD consciousness is to place the infinite and ever present power of love in the centre of one’s being and thus one realises oneself as a loving aspects of a holistic and all embracing love. Love also becomes expansive, growing exponentially as it attracts more and more love. Love is the building block. Through loving oneself, one loves others. Love is a coherent frequency, that resonates and assimilates. And thus with love in the centre, one becomes centred in love. Where there is such a strong centre, there is balance, focus, purpose and belonging. Love charges one through the love of another like guitar strings sounding from the beat of a nearby drum.

Ananda illustrated the power of love by way of an experiment. Outside his kitchen door, he planted two lemon trees next to each other. To the one lemon tree he gave a constant abundance of love and joy, touching it, praising it, speaking to and loving it. The other lemon tree he completely ignored, and occasionally insulted it. Even though the trees received the same amounts of sunshine and water, they grew completely differently. The one he loved blossomed into a fruitful beauty and the one he ignored became a spiky bush with no fruit.





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