“Love is contagious, unlimited, and omnipresent. It is what changes bleakness of spirit into fullness of spirit, illness into health, and lack into prosperity.” AN

Ananda founded a mystery school, which he called ‘The University of Celebration.’ I was the one and only ever student at this university. And Ananda was the one and only ever master. He taught the vision of unity, togetherness, love and GOD consciousness and he propagated this vision urgently and enthusiastically with his intense energy and potent ideology. The teachings were beautiful and powerful.

The university of celebration was a free-form and free-flowing exchange of wisdom, knowledge, practice and experience. The primary requirements were to express oneself, be oneself, know oneself, love oneself and find oneself in the knowledge that one is a crucial component of the all, like the proverbial drop that makes up the ocean.

As much as The University of Celebration encouraged unity, it recognised uniqueness. And the celebration was the combination of the uniqueness of the one with the unity of the all. The meeting of unity and uniqueness happens in the present moment. The power of the present moment is the awareness, the trigger and the point of purpose, progress and potential realised. From the present moment come inner peace, stillness and emptiness and the realisation that life is exactly as it is; no illusion, no delusion, only beauty. And that is the celebration, not past, not future, but present.

Ananda had developed a terrific scripture, resplendent with an enjoyable metaphysics, powerful cosmology and hilarious spirituality. His work was full of pun and irony. Even with English as his second language, his dictations were powerful.




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